Photographer Pays a Visit

April, 2019

Walking into Jezerinac Geers office the first thing you see are two 42″x 55″ prints of steel lace truss members. These black and white photos represent our commitment to hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. Today we were lucky to have the photographer of those prints, Adam Kilbourne, visit us to see his work on display.

What makes having these photos in our office even more special is that Adam is a colleague in the A/E/C industry. He is executive vice president of Tec Inc., engineering and design, with whom Jezerinac Geers often teams.

The photographs are of the 3,112 foot long through-arch Veterans Memorial Bridge in Cleveland, which was constructed from 1914 to 1918. It has 96 feet of clearance above the Cuyahoga River and rises to 196 feet above the river at the peak of the central span. The structure includes 12 concrete arches and one steel span that is 591 feet long and crosses the river.

“Although Jezerinac Geers only does vertical construction, these photos invoke a strong sense of strength and security relevant to our profession,” said Director of Marketing and Business Development, Paula Ryan. “We want clients and friends to feel that when they walk in our doors.”

To see more of Adam’s award-winning photography check out