How may we help? It’s one of the first questions our structural engineers ask because understanding your needs permeates everything we do.

Our creative and critical thinking skills deliver structural solutions that support architectural expression.


Buildings become their best when they’re well-thought out in the beginning. We work collaboratively from the outset to fully understand project goals and establish corresponding structural design parameters.

Analysis & Design

Our design approach supports creative problem solving. We carefully determine precise structural loads and devise practical systems that best meet each project’s unique set of criteria.


Sometimes the construction process requires the help of a structural engineer. Among a range of support services, we most frequently design shoring, crane pads and temporary shelters.


When structures fail or appear to be failing, we go beyond the surface to uncover the exact root causes. This allows owners and their insurers, if need be, to respond effectively and efficiently.

A Legacy of Shaping Community

We collaborate on projects that evoke a special sense of place to build a lasting legacy. More…

Build Your Career

JGA knows happy employees lead to happy clients. We support employees and their career development, with ample learning opportunities and progressive mentoring. We support shared values through community-driven activities. And though we’re engineers first, we also let loose on occasion.
Start building your career today.