No Melt Your Face Off Chili

October, 2016

img_4649Fortunately Stan Fuller’s chili wasn’t the “melt your face off” kind that he had hoped would win first prize in the Jezerinac Geers annual Chili Cook-off! Although Stan’s chili was certainly spicy, our faces fortunately stayed intact as we tasted and debated the merits of all seven entrants in our annual chili making contest.

In the end, John Ketteman, CAD/BIM designer, took his third title as Jezerinac Geers’ Chili Champion!

What’s his secret? This year John claims that ground sausage and pork, along with fennel from his garden were his secret ingredients compared to tweaking his recipe last year with only dried cayenne peppers. Our cook-off rules stipulate that the same recipe can’t be used two years in a row so apparently John has the magic when it comes to adjusting the flavor of his “standard” chili!

Regardless of how John changed his recipe, we enjoyed the goodness of his tomato, meat, bean, and spice mixture!

Also, thanks to these employees who helped create a big round of indigestion on the day of our cook-off:

•    Teresa Cintora
•    Rob Johnson
•    Dean Passons
•    Alex Rinehart
•    Paula Ryan