Lessons Learned from a High School Intern

May, 2019

Note:  For the past several weeks, Jezerinac Geers has been happy to host Dublin Coffman High School junior, Lara Schober, for an engineering internship. The purpose of the internship is to expose her to all the elements involved in a structural engineering career. We were happy to host her and even more pleased to read her internship summary, which is below.

by: Lara Schober
Coffman High School Class of 2020


I interned at Jezerinac Geers with Mr. Johnson, PE, and a few of his colleagues. Jezerinac Geers is a structural engineering firm located in Dublin, Ohio. Structural engineers focus on designing the structure of a building while working with architects, construction companies and other engineers to keep the various designs congruent, along with keeping people safe: their most important task.

Hands-On Action

I was able to experience a plethora of hands-on activities during my six weeks at Jezerinac Geers, such as: going on site visits, observing a multitude of professional meetings, completing an online tutorial on RAM Structural System, learning about different career paths, shadowing professionals in various careers, and so much more.

During my time at Jezerinac Geers, I spent multiple days completing a tutorial on RAM Structural System – a relevant computer program used by structural engineers to layout and design buildings. This program will be extremely useful to understand and have a head-start on in college and possibly in a future job.

Understanding the Disciplines of Design

I was also introduced to many engineers and architects at various companies, which has helped me further my professional social skills and has helped me figure out what careers I am interested in pursuing. Mr. Johnson made sure that I was included and introduced in every meeting I attended, and I was able to ask most of these professionals questions about the work they do and what educational pathway they took to get to where they are today.

For example, I visited an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers) office and realized that this probably was not the best path for me. I also talked to architects and interior designers, whose office space I loved but realized that I am probably not creative enough for a career in that direction. These are just a few of the experiences that helped me shape my ideas for a future major/career.

This internship has opened my eyes to how many careers there are in the field of engineering and architecture, and it has confirmed that I do want to become an engineer one day. I have always loved math and have discovered a new love for physics this past school year.

Math Won’t Stop Me

My experiences at Jezerinac Geers have shown me that a lot of math and physics are used by engineers every day. I have also been advised that the math that is required to earn an engineering degree is very difficult and has driven many away from the career, but I am confident that I can overcome this obstacle because of the perseverance I show at school and on the soccer field every day. I have been looking for colleges with strong engineering programs and will continue to do so because of what I have learned.


I thoroughly enjoyed interning at Jezerinac Geers and really appreciate all the time and work the staff put into helping me learn and feel welcome.