Will Ryan, PE, SE, LEED AP

Associate, Project Manager

“One of the elements that I most enjoy about being a structural engineer is the inherent variety of the work on both interpersonal and technical levels. Architectural projects are like snowflakes – no two are alike – and that always results in interesting dialog and diverse challenges.”

Will has over 25 years of engineering experience and started his career here as an Engineering Intern in 1993 and then worked as a Design Engineer from 1995 to 1998. He rejoined our firm as a Professional Engineer and Associate in early 2020 fitting right back into the JGA culture. It’s evident that creativity is at the core of Will’s engineering approach because his attitude at the start of each project is, “Okay, let’s find the best way to make this work.”

Will also has an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset that will benefit JGA. He is the inventor of the Bolt Bun, a patented device that protects exposed anchor bolts during construction. In addition, he also brings an expertise in industry technology having worked as a project manager for Descon structural steel connection design software.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan


What app or music are you obsessed with right now?
Scrabble. I usually have a half-dozen online games going at any given time.

Name one cool thing you've done:
Invented the Bolt Bun anchor bolt protection device. Climbed Kieners Route on Long's Peak diamond face in Colorado. Worked as a news reporter. Yeah, that's three things -- it's hard to pick just one!

If you see me outside of work, I'm probably:
Starting a bar fight. No, just kidding, I'm always at Target!

What are binge watching and why?
Currently I'm watching (in a responsible manner) "The Spy" on Netflix. The prospect of Sasha Baron Cohen in a dramatic role intrigued me.