Richard E. Geers, PE


“My father was an architect so I was exposed to the building process at young age. Back then I thought it was neat to see the way a building went up. I’ve never lost that fascination, and to this day enjoy taking the architect’s vision and putting the nuts and bolts together to it to make it a permanent structure.”

Sound judgment and wisdom that can only come through experience are traits that pull clients and staff alike to work with Rick. His areas of expertise include:

  • structural design and drawing production
  • development of standard design procedures
  • development of preliminary framing and cost studies
  • scheduling

Rick has experience on projects with a variety of construction delivery methods and is knowledgeable in the design of high-rise, parking garages, industrial, institutional, educational, and health care facilities.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Central Ohio?
The Mid-Ohio School has some great racing programs.

On vacation you’ll find me …
Enjoying family time at Norris Lake in Tennessee.

What is your favorite building in Central Ohio?
It’s a challenge to pick just one because we’ve been involved in so many. Huntington Park is one because of the draw it brings to the Arena district.