Patrick Melick

Design Engineer

"I've always been fascinated with puzzles and tinkering and there aren't too puzzles larger than a building. My favorite aspect is seeing something I've designed on paper come to life as real structure."

Pat has a collaborative spirit and enjoys the give and take process of working with the design team to create an efficient structural design.

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering
University of Cincinnati

Name one cool thing that you’ve done:
Successfully built a 3-D model of my car, a Nissan Skyline, on my computer.

What do you enjoy most about structural engineering?
I love puzzles and a building is essentially a giant puzzle that needs put together.

What is your favorite building in Central Ohio?
Nationwide Arena because I’m a big Columbus Blue Jackets fan.

What was your favorite class in college and why?
Structural Loads and Systems because I had a great professor who was very engaging and happy to be there.