Spaghetti and Gummy Bears Help Students Learn Engineering

June, 2015

JGA-People-WebThumbs-InkrottMatt Inkrott, Jezerinac Geers project engineer, gave this year’s grade 3 through 8 Camp Architecture students a hands-on lesson in architectural engineering.

Camp Architecture is a summer camp for central Ohio youth ages 8-18, which introduces them to the world of architecture and design through hands-on activities, field trips, walking tours, presentations by professionals and imaginative games, and last year attracted over 80 students.

Inkrott’s lesson gave the students an overview of structural engineering design and what structural engineers do. The lesson was followed up by an activity where the students designed a structure out of spaghetti and gummy bears that would hold a hockey puck six inches off the ground in earthquake like conditions.

“Seeing the recognition in their faces, is the best part of this experience. The intent of this program is to plant the seeds for a life-long appreciation of architecture and I’m sure we’re doing that,” Inkrott said.

Jezerinac Geers is a proud sponsor of the program.