What We Do and How

JGA guides the structural design process through careful collaboration. We work closely with architects, developers, owners and construction managers to achieve goals and objectives in a way that best suits each project.

Most often, we’re charged with designing a structural system for a new building full of intricacies. Sometimes we’re asked to evaluate an existing condition or perform a peer review. Regardless of the problem, or its complexity, every single challenge is met with open minds supported by decades of experience. We develop the most practical engineering solution that meets primary and secondary objectives.

No matter the project at hand, JGA knows we serve our clients best by focusing on the human connection. We start by ensuring the same senior-level engineer who starts the project finishes it. This helps maintain consistent communication that builds trust and solidifies relationships among the entire team.

Following this philosophy, JGA offers a range of services to help clients exceed owner expectations on their projects.

Analysis and Design

Our core service is the design of structural systems for new buildings. Each new building brings with it a different set of challenges based upon program, architectural aspirations, and client goals. We approach each project with an open mind, offering creative solutions and a range of alternates that consider all parameters. Then we test them to find the right system or combination of systems—from structural steel and light-gauge metal, to wood framing and post-tensioned concrete.

Planning, Investigation and Construction Support

Existing buildings are often reconsidered for new uses or reconfigured for new owners. This translates to necessary modifications, updates and/or improvements—a range of which can be explored through feasibility studies, code reviews, and existing condition reports.

JGA also provides construction support, constructability reviews, foundation design, failure analysis, and disaster response.