The Future is Bright

At JGA our work is only as good as our people, and that’s why you’ll find an office environment that is engaging, empowering, and educational. Your success, regardless of your level of experience, is important to us. Whether through mentoring relationships, professional development programs, lunch and learns, or interoffice collaboration, your career advancement simply makes our firm better.

As an employee of JGA, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of building types that utilize varying structural systems. No two projects are ever alike, which gives our engineers the opportunity to grow their expertise on a daily basis.

While it might sound like we’re all work, having fun is also a big part of the equation at JGA. Family gatherings are frequent, whether it’s the summer picnic or in-office parties. Our annual chili cook-off generates strong competition, charity fundraising strengthens camaraderie, and our annual golf outing tests our sportsmanship in a very fun way!

"Collaborating on a daily basis with a smart team of seasoned professionals means that I'm constantly learning."
"Regardless of someone's role at JGA, knowledge sharing is a tenet of how we built our business."

Career openings

  • Project Engineer

    JGA, structural engineers, knows its work is only as good its people. That’s why we have a work environment that’s engaging, empowering, and educational. JGA doesn’t specialize in specific building types so structural solutions are never cookie cutter. That means JGA engineers continually build their expertise with each new opportunity.

    At the heart of everything we do is close client collaboration. By asking the right questions, JGA engineers develop creative solutions help architects, developers, owners and/or construction managers best solve their structural challenges.

    As a Project Engineer working on a range of building types, your role is to earn the confidence of clients by:
    • Developing appropriate, practical and timely structural engineering solutions

    • Employing excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

    • Operating with flexibility and easy adaptability

    • Complete structural analysis and design of concrete, steel, cold-formed, masonry and timber structures in accordance with current industry design codes

    • Coordinates structural design work while building a strong rapport with other team members, both internally and externally

    • Produces and supervises the production of construction documents by the JGA drafting department

    • Provides construction administration

    • Reviews construction documents prior to issuance and ensures a thorough review prior to release of Permit level documents

    • Demonstrate continued and progressive technical and leadership experience, and willingly increases level of responsibility

    • Always maintains an attitude of helpfulness and goodwill

    • Registered/Licenses Professional Engineer
    • MSCE or BSCE
    • Mastery or experience in design software: RAM Structural Systems, Revit and AutoCad
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office
    • A minimum of five years engineering experience
    • Preferred but not required: membership in an industry and/or civic organization

    Please send your resume to: